Spin - N - Cast  Spin - N - Cast

We undertake the components according to the customer's material specification and supply in semi finished or finish machined condition.
Spin - N - Cast
Spin - N - Cast is professionally managed manufacturing unit and is specialized in producing non ferrous mainly centrifugal and very few sand castings in copper based alloys in various specifications as per ASTM, BS1400, DIN, IS etc. We are supplying the casting in either proof or finish machined condition to more than 100 companies of repute and the number is growing every year.

These centrifugal casting are having fine grain micro - structure and are free from porosity, perfect soundness and fetches high mechanical properties with improved resistance to wear. Centrifugal casting obtains absolute pressure tightness.

We produce castings in the range of 30 mm OD to 1800 mm OD and maximum length up to 2500 mm. The size is having relation with the maximum cast weight of 3000 Kgs a single piece.

We are having foundry unit supported with rigorous machine shop and testing laboratory where team of engineers and knowledgeable staff is looking after production, Quality Testing and sales activities.

We are registered with all Govt, departments like State and Central Sales Taxes, SSI, NSCI, Ministry of defense, Central Excise, and having Import - Export License.

We are well equipped with pit type and tilting furnaces, which are oil fired having capacity ranging from 200 Kgs to 2500 Kgs. We have more than 500 Tons of metallic moulds and qualities of castings produced are proportional to the directional solidification fronts achieved during the process.

We are well equipped with physical and chemical laboratory and certain test services are being availed from third party inspecting agencies.

Our Machines Shop is well equipped with twenty machine tools like Lathes, Milling and Radial Drilling Machines. We are well equipped with all measuring instruments like Micrometer, Venire, Height and dial bore gauges up to 1000 mm.

We are having capacity to cast 500 tones of castings per annum and are presently producing 250 tones of castings in as cast condition.

The high quality standards and prompt services is the key factor for our GOOD REPUTATION in market.

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