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Quality Policy
Laboratory, Testing and Inspection: Chemical Laboratory to ensure the proper ingredients present in every heat batch.

Longitudinal and transverse photo micrographs of casting cross sections.

Hardness, hydro and other NDT's.

Third party inspection services available for physical, ultrasonic And radiography.
Dimensional & quality control, approval.

Dimensional control achieved up to 10 microns.

Approval by official & government inspection organizations.
Manufacturing Procedure:
Raw material of known quality by way of its chemical composition is used as input.
Every stage of casting process i.e. alloying of raw material, Melting, Pouring of castings is witnessed & supervised by competent authorities.
The temperature of the melt is checked with digital pyrometers before pouring.
Heat-batch tags are provided on castings for proper identification & co-relation.
Every casting produced is checked dimensionally & from the point of its soundness.
Proof machining is done as per customer's drawings & checked at every stage Regarding it casting quality & dimensions.
In case of finish machining the component is machined according to planned Operational lay-out & its supervised and inspected accordingly.
The measuring instruments used by the operators & inspectors are calibrated every Year.
Every heat batch is checked physically & chemically in our in-house laboratory to ascertain its properties.
Test-certificates & dimensional inspection reports are submitted to respective components on demand.
Micro-structure/Hardness/Chemical composition/Non destructive testing facilities are available in-house & such reports are submitted to our customers on demand.
Proper care is taken at the time of packing & transportation.


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