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centrfugal castings
Centrifugal castings are frequently referred to as "close grain casting" because in centrifugal process, molten metal is suddenly cooled down because of directional solidification fronts achieved due to heat extractions by metallic moulds and high compressive pressure exerted by the centrifugal fource.
centrfugal castings
Centrifugal Casting is produced by pouring molten metal into a mould that is being rotated or revolved. Both Centrifugal and Semi-Centrifugal casting can be described as casting that are spun on their own axis during the casting operation.
centrfugal castings
The axis of rotation may be horizontal or inclined at any angle up to the vertical position. Molten metal is poured in to the spinning mould cavity and the metal is held against the wall of the mould by centrifugal force. The speed of rotation and metal pouring rate vary with the alloy and the size and shape being cast.
High wear quality is achieved.
Physical properties such as tensile creep and fatigue strength are comparatively increased over sand/static casting.
Hundreds of metallic moulds are available to eliminate the price of buying and maintaining wooden patterns. Blow holes, porosity and inclusions are eliminated before finish machining.
Cast weight to finish weight ratio is substantially reduced resulting in less material wastage.

We undertake the components according to the customer's material specification and drawing and supply in semi finished or finish machined condition.

Sand / Static Casting Centrifugal Casting
Spongy and uneven micro structure. Dense & Even micro structure.
Linear & non-uniform grain flow. Radial & uniform grain flow.
Low tensile strength. Better tensile strength.
Low and non-uniform hardness. Hardness is more & uniform.
Doesn't sustain impact loads. Withstands impact loads.
Segregation is present. No effect of aggregation.
Pattern is required. Pattern is not required.
Poor surface finish. Excellent surface finish.
Micro-porosity is present. Free from micro porosity.
Life is comparatively less. Life is better.

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